The Not So Glamorous RV Gear

I said goodbye to Uncle Paul in Tucscon and spent a week visiting my father so we could finish gearing me up for full time Airstream living. After having lived out of a backpack for the last year, I’m very resistant to accumulating more things — but there is a surprising amount of gear that comes along with this lifestyle.

Home is where you park it — visiting dad in Tucson

There were some things I was so happy to have space for, and happy I didn’t have to purchase new. My yoga props I already had, and now I would have space for all of them! Between hand me downs from my mom and stepmom I outfitted a decent kitchen. The only kitchen tools I needed to buy were a couple of good knives (I’m very particular about my knives!) and a set of enamelware dishes.

And then there were all the other basic necessities, the list was much longer than I expected! So yes let’s see I need sewer hoses; something to store the sewer hoses in and a system for keeping everything sanitary; a surge protector so I don’t blow the trailer’s electrical system when I plug in at a campground; converters for different power supplies; a water filtration system; an extra hose to flush out my black tanks so they don’t accumulate gunk; a small tool kit for when things inevitably start to fall apart from the massive forces of towing your home down the road; silicone spray; lithium grease; work gloves; flashlights and safety gear in case of a breakdown; a truck bed cover and spring loaded dividers so I can store some things back there; and on and on it goes! I am so not used to buying so many things anymore!

Installing the truck bed cover

On my last day in Tucson I made a run to the container store for the obligatory magnetic spice jars and a few containers to keep things from shifting around too much in the cabinets, and a grocery run to stock the kitchen. I think I’m ready to hit the road! Wish me luck!

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